Di-Bond and HD Metal Framed Prints – A new Era

We are always on the lookout for new, high quality ways, in which our limited edition prints can be produced which is why we’ve started supplying them in Di-Bond acrylic & HD metal frame variants.

A couple of years ago we were in art gallery that really made us go ‘Whoa’! – razor sharp images with great depth.

We found out that the image had been produced on Fuji Crystal DP II paper (colour safe for 75 years) and mounted on an extremely stable and high quality, lightweight aluminium Dibond base. This is then sealed and mounted under glossy acrylic glass using elastic silicon. Acrylic glass is notably lighter and tougher than traditional glass and it also offers natural protection against UV rays, thereby helping to prevent any loss of colour. The edges are precision cut and smoothed to give a class finish. We needed to get one of our images produced in this way.

The first piece produced on the di-bond was the Rossi 2013 and it caused quite a stir at the Silverstone MotoGP. Since then we have had a large number produced in this way, everyone seems to like it. Mostly now we sell them in an aluminium frame which just seems to finish them off!

A little bit more expensive than the norm but people that have bought them think the extra is worth it.

Any of our limited edition prints can be produced in this format including the SLIMS (£300 each unframed, £380 framed). Each piece is made to order by a specialist company based in Germany. Delivery is usually within 2/3 weeks.

Rossi 2013 dibond acrylic

Rossi 2013 on Di-bond acrylic (100x66cms unframed).

Arrives ready to hang with metal rails running along the back of the di-bond which lets you attach your work to the wall easily and securely

Dibond acrylic

Our usual frame, on a di-bond acrylic, is a 25mm black aluminium Artbox style. We think it fits the bill but there are a huge number of different frames, far too many to display on here. Below you will see examples of the black and silver Artbox, together with a 15mm black wooden Basel frame. This has also proved popular. If you want something else you just have to ask but please be aware it can alter the final price.

Artbox black
Artbox silver
Basel wood black

HD Metal PRINT – The latest printing technique for your print

The HD Metal Print is a new innovation and definitely one of the premium products. To make it, your photo is first mirrored and printed onto a transfer sheet using Fine Art inkjet inks. Then, in a process involving high pressure and heat, the print is steamed from the transfer sheet into the aluminium’s special coating, where it is permanently sealed in. The process is called dye sublimation, and it allows for the rendering of exact details and brilliant colours with excellent durability:

  • Exceptional colours – highly recommended for colourful and high-contrast images
  • Reliable and durable – thermal sublimation and robust aluminium make a great combination

Once Steve saw the results of this technique at an exhibition her knew he had the prefect picture for it, The Monza. The HD metal version of Monza made its appearance at the 2016 British MotoGP and the impact was such that we sold out the remainder of the edition. It caused a stir thats for sure.

A few weeks before Silverstone, Steve had already started work on another abstract piece, Soleluna. Produced on the HD metal this vibrant piece has proved to be just as popular.

The aluminium is 1 mm thick and has a special, transparent coating, making it a straightforward and durable substrate for your photo. HD Metal Prints are easy to handle in any size or format, and they are weatherproof, waterproof and impervious to fluctuations in temperature.

Since the print is actually burned into the aluminium’s special coating, it is not affected by UV rays, dust, or moisture.

This makes the HD Metal Print suitable for outdoor areas and bathrooms.

**Please note: Although the HD Metal Print is impressively perfect, the printing process can result in minor surface imperfections or irregularities.

It is not the easiest thing to show the high quality of the di-bond and HD metal prints on the website, they really have to be seen in the flesh. But hopefully these images give you a taster for the real thing.

Sizes and frames can be changed to suit, just ask and we will get a price for you.

SOLELUNA – HD Metal with black aluminium Artbox frame

Marquez Exhaust N Rubber – Acrylic dibond with ‘Basel’ wooden frame

SQUARE Rossi 2016 – Acrylic di-bond with black aluminium Artbox frame

The 1mm thick aluminium has a special transparent coating.

This medium is easy to handle in all sizes and formats and very durable in the majority of environments